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Wednesday July 20, 2005
Fireside Inn & Suites, West Lebanon, NH (I89, exit 20)
Buffet Breakfast 7:30am, Meeting 8:00 - 9:00am, both in the Ballroom
$20 per person (includes breakfast)
Cash or check ("UVCIA") at the door. No credit cards.

PRIOR REGISTRATION REQUESTED by email or telephone to Jim Myers
v (802) 655-5363


7:30Registration, networking, and breakfast
7:55 Introductory Remarks - Brett Bourne, President UVCIA
8:00 "Community Broadband: Yankee Self-Reliance Steps Up"
Jack Hoffman, Executive Director
Vermont Broadband Council (Waterbury VT))

Ubiquitous broadband doesn't apply to Northern New England. News items and politicians trumpet the virtues and necessity of Broadband Internet access for services, education and that world-class competitive business advantage, but there are too many areas that don't have broadband today, nor good prospects for this service any time soon.

Many of the same conditions and spirit that led to the creation of small independent telephone companies and municipal electric companies in rural New England are now producing the drive for community broadband networks. The late Vermont Gov. George Aiken, a champion of electric cooperatives, no doubt would applaud the initiative of Vermont communities that are finding their own high-speed access to the Internet.

Come hear what your neighbors are doing and get some ideas about how you, too, can have full service Internet. Jack will review some of the community broadband projects that are underway around Vermont and discuss the implications for expanding broadband availability, now, versus waiting for it to come.

8:35 "Sarbanes-Oxley: The Ripple Effect on Private Companies"
Michael Drooff, Attorney
Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green (Manchester NH)

Enacted in 2002 in the wake of accounting scandals, Sarbanes- Oxley was a sweeping reform of the financial reporting and disclosure laws applicable to accountants, attorneys, and officers and directors of public companies. But its effects are by no means limited to public companies. The ripple effect of Sarbanes-Oxley is changing the ways accountants audit, attorneys represent, and CEO's and CFO's act, whether at public or private companies, and even at non-profits.

Michael Drooff, a securities and business lawyer from Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green, will explain the basics of Sarbanes- Oxley and what managers and executives of private companies should know about the effects of this law on how they run their businesses.

9:00 The Magic Minute (New York version) where attendees get to introduce themselves and state what products, services, or skills they offer or, are seeking.


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